Commercial Window Cleaning

Making a positive first impression on those who visit your Stillwater business property is one way of attracting potential leads. Bringing in the pros to execute commercial window cleaning has invaluable benefits.

Commercial Window Cleaning Frequency

Whether you run a store or operate from an office complex, you can depend on Laymance Services to keep your windows sparkling. If your windows are visibly positioned, keeping them spotless becomes all the more vital. When you own a retail outlet in Stillwater, your windows may demand a quarterly, if not monthly, washing.

Our Recommended Approach

• We inspect your windows to assess the extent of cleaning they demand.
• Remove the loose dirt and cobwebs with a light dusting.
• We use the trusted water-fed pole window cleaning system to moisten these surfaces. You are welcome to contact our team for detailed inputs on this technique.
• Our experts spread the cleaning solution evenly in long overlapping strokes even to the window edges and corners with a squeegee. Maintaining one uniform direction while cleaning is our secret to clear glass panels.
• After each stroke, we wipe the squeegee blade clean with a natural sponge.
• Eliminate the water which tends to accumulate under the rubber gaskets. Skipping this step can result in streaks as the water escapes from here and often dries around your windowpane edges.
• We dry the window surfaces completely with a soft microfiber cloth to eliminate every trace of moisture content.
• Our team takes extra care to avoid direct sunlight while undertaking window cleaning to rule out visible streak marks as the sun’s rays immediately dry out the cleaning solution.
• Lastly, we use a squeegee only on wet window surfaces but not on tinted glass.

After we complete your assigned commercial window cleaning, your structure flaunts flawless glass panels that brighten your interiors. Any potential lead will be eager to deal with your business, knowing you maintain a hygienic expanse. Depute your Stillwater window cleaning to the capable Laymance Services specialists as we focus on your venture’s interests.

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