Window Screen Cleaning

Outsourcing window screen cleaning to Laymance Services will help make you the proud owner of spotless windows year-round.

Benefits of our window screen cleaning services

Better Indoor Air Quality

The mesh on window screens tends to accumulate allergen particles over time. They may still prevent unwanted guests like flies and wasps, but the unwanted dust and debris on your window screen's surface can make its way in if you open your windows on a breezy day. Our professional window screen cleaning service is the ideal way to safely and effectively get your window screens clean.

Sturdier Windows

Dirty window screens may shorten the lifespan of your windows as the contaminants lodged in between can, with time, accumulate in the tracks and sills, causing a variety of problems. Our trained Stillwater personnel can clean your screens with our special screen cleaning system ensuring they are cleaned thorougly every time.

No Window Glass Damage

Most window screens have aluminium frames. If you've struggled to remove them from your windows before, you may be aware of the damage they can cause upon removal or replacement. You can trust our team of professionals to safely remove, clean, and reinstall your window screens.

You deserve a home you can be proud of.

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