Solar Panel Cleaning

Get the best view of your property with sparkling, shiny and brand new looking solar panels.

Ensure Your Solar Clarity

At the end of winter or in the early spring, this is the best time to start thinking about getting your solar panels cleaned in Payne County. Solar arrays attract all kinds of airborne particulates, such as dust, organic debris, exhaust, etc. Since dirt gets accumulated on top of your panel surface for months, normal wiping will not be enough. Without adequate solar panel cleaning, the performance of the system will can be degraded up to 20%.

Why Choose Laymance Services?

Let us walk you through the cleaning process from our trained and licensed team… Proper Safety Precautions We Follow on Site: Safety of the premises, property, and occupants is of the utmost importance to us. Before we suggest the right time for the cleaning appointment, we check the weather conditions. We inspect your roof for stability, moisture buildup, and stickiness, which can affect our work. We turn off the PV system first and make sure not to disturb the modules or any related materials. Cover inverters and other electrical equipment with tarps and use an aerial man lift to reach the solar modules on high-rise buildings.

Our Methods

There are several types of solar panels, which work slightly differently from one another. We adhere to the maker’s recommended cleaning methods and instructions. Solar panel cleaning is not like pressure washing. We use a soft-pressured nozzle to spray the cleaning agents gently on top of the panels. All our cleaning solutions are chemical-free and nontoxic. In a second rinse cycle, we use nonabrasive material to remove all traces of grit without scratching the surface. Services We Offer: Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: Our experts offer commercial solar panel service to increase the system performance levels. We also provide a visual inspection of the array to protect your expensive solar investment. You can increase the power output by almost 20%. Get huge energy savings and improved ROIs on your commercial spaces. Residential Solar Panel Cleaning: Dirt, bird droppings, leaves, and twigs covering your solar panels reduce electricity production. Get our home solar service to get rid of such hotspots that can violate the warranty. We check the inverter for errors and inspect the roof fixings and the integrity of the glass.